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Stock Market Astrology
  1. Stock market is suitable to u or not?
  2. Investment or intraday best for you?
  3. What time you get a profit from market?
  4. Which time you loose the money in market?
  5. Which sector is suitable?
  6. What is you weaknes?
  7. What is you strength?
Stock Market Astrology methods helped him to gain success. Technical pattern fails to predict any natural calamities, political changes or sentiments runs around, but can be predicted through greater knowledge of Stock Market Astrology only.

Stock Market Astrology could not go to very far it should have gone, due to lack of study or experiments on this area. But there are some thumb rules that works in Stock market.
a) Strength of Rahu : If a person has poor position of Rahu, then he or she should not invest money in stock market. Please note that if the person has strong Jupiter, can make predictions. But investment will bring failure only. This person should avoid Stock market investments. If a person has a strong or good position of Rahu in the horoscope, then any Maha Dosha, Dosha or Anter Dosha having Rahu is appropriate time to invent in Stock. This will surely return good profit for the person as per Stock Market Astrology.
b) Strength of Saturn : As per Stock Market Astrology, if a person gets a stronger Saturn, it makes the person a big gainer in stock market in longer term. This person should not invest or look for shorter term, but should stay invested. They will have good vision about the script and will come to true in longer run. A person with weak Saturn should stay out from Stock Market in longer run and mutual funds. I find in various horoscopes in my life that these persons became rich from the stock market other than anybody else.
c) If you do not have the above two and If you determined that stock is the only way left in your life there are few rules you should follow, which will make you stop loosing.

Retail investors patters shows that 70% time you predict wrong and you loose money. It is not your fault but it's the trap of patterns you are in. Stock market scripts runs on a pattern which is controlled by big traders. Though most of the people follow the same pattern in the stock market, then it is definitely going to fail. It is like a boat which is floating with few people nicely, but if more people on the same boat will make the boat sink.
1. Find your 11th house and 12th house ruling planet. Please note that these are the planet that will make you rich in stock market.
Great trading formula is : Buy at cheaper price, Sell at Higher price.
Check if you have any Maha Dosha, Dosha or Anter Dasha is running for these planets. In the time of 12th House Lord make a Buy. Wait and sell when it is the time of your 11th house lord.
2. Next important rule in Stock Market Astrology is to choose a right stock. Choose the stock that belongs to the favorite industry of your ruling planet. For your reference I am giving the table here once again.
Ruling Planet Line of favorable business
Sun Any business related to government clients
Moon Cotton, Water, Food.
Saturn Land, Real State, Steel
Venus Garments, any entertainment business
Mercury Telecomm, Communication, news, media, marketing, broker
Mars Car, War equipments
Jupiter Education, Learning, consulting
Rahu Gambling, lottery, Business deals with black money
Ketu Business like IT, Politics.